The last time I dressed up…

The last time I dressed up it was a disaster!
I think it was about five years ago when I was invited at a fancy dress party. It was during the carnival time and a dance school in the neighbourhood had a party for the students and their families. I would go to see my nieces dance, but I didn’t intend to dress up.

My sister insisted that if I went, I should dress up like everybody else. I was a little bored and I hadn’t prepared at all for a disguise and my sister suggested some ideas. She mentioned something she had heard on the radio earlier that day, so while we were talking on the phone right after I had got out of the bathroom she told me: “You can dress up as a lady in a beauty salon, no make up, no fancy dress, you could even put some cream on your face”.
I thought it was very easy to achieve this look and decided to try it.

A few minutes later I was already ready. I wore a tracksuit, a robe, a plastic cap on my completely wet hair and a mask that covered only my eyes. I am not sure if I was wearing slippers, but I suppose I was wearing sneakers.
It didn’t take long to arrive. We could hear the music from outside as we were entering the building. We climbed the stairs, opened the door and … bang! It wasn’t a fancy dress party, it was just a party! 

The kids had dressed up for their show, but except for me and my sister there were only two other people with carnival costumes. One of them looked at me and nodded with sympathy.
You can only imagine how awfully I felt. I was there with a robe and plastic cap on my head while everybody else was wearing regular clothes. If I was wearing something else, it wouldn’t have been that bad. After sometime I took off the the robe, the cap and the mask, but that didn’t really help, not only because I felt ugly with wet hair and no make up, but also because of the clothes I was wearing underneath the robe.

As we had been there by my sister’s car I had to wait until the end of the party and leave with the family or walk back home. I wasn’t far from my house, but I didn’t want my embarrassment  to continue outdoors. If my memory serves me correctly I called my fiance to pick me up.

Of course I was mad at my sister (who was comfortable with her appearance, she only took off the fancy dress she was wearing when the dance started) and I said I wouldn’t go to that place again. I have been there after the incident with the hope they have forgotten my mishap.

Even if there was a photo from that party I wouldn’t show it because I was very ugly, angry and embarrassed! Actually, I remember trying to avoid the cameras!

Has anything like that happened to you?
Please tell me I am not the only one!


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