Adhesive False Nails

Last year I bought this set of nails from SammyDress. I tried them on a few days ago to see how it feels to have them on. The package doesn’t include any glue, but I preferred to stick them with adhesive sticky glue I already had which you can see here. I wouldn’t like to use glue anyway as I didn’t intend to keep them for a long time.

I like the fact that you can transform your nails so fast and easily. That the material is transparent may make the nails look fake as the natural nail or the glue cannot be completely covered, but I think in an opaque colour they would look great. 
The tips can be filed if you want to shape them.

I didn’t leave them on my fingers long enough to know if they can stay there for hours, but when I tried to remove them I felt like trying to remove my own nails, so I guess the sticky glue works.

Have you tried anything similar?
How do you like them?

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