Celebrity Make up Fails

Celebrities always look amazing and sometimes the rest of us feel jealous and wonder if we could look like that too if we could afford a professional make up artist and the right tools.

What would you say if you found out that the rich and famous have bad make up days too?

Below you can see some of the most famous ladies in the world and their make up fails.

A Marilyn Manson fan I suppose

In many photos you can notice that there is too much powder on these women’s faces. When I first saw this effect I did a little research and learnt that this is a product used in videos, but in front of the photo camera, it shows this powdery effect that you can’t see with bare eyes. Please correct me if I am wrong about that and you have a better explanation.


Who am I kidding? She’s still gorgeous!

Here is the proof that no woman is ugly, you just need the right make up!
Well done Kelly!
Time works wonders
So, next time you worry that your make up isn’t blended well or your eyeshadow is too much, remember that Angelina and all the other Hollywood stars have the same problems!



So many times I have thought she needs better stylists!


I hope this is Halloween!

When Kim Kardashian thought of sharing her secrets on contouring and highlighting, she hadn’t realised the consequences!

I can’t deny it, I have done that too!

What has been your biggest make up fail?

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