BornPrettyStore 2 pairs False Eyelashes with glue Review

Looking for a pair of false eyelashes which highlight my eyes, but they look natural as well, I opted for this package from BornPrettyStore as the price was very tempting for two pairs of lashes and a glue.

The lashes are very flexible and soft and I was lucky to receive this package in a good condition. Unfortunately, although I bought this set because I
was in need of a glue, I didn’t manage to use the glue as it has dried and it doesn’t come out of the tube.

I wasn’t surprised as it has happened before with a pair of lashes and glue I bought from another site, but this is a problem if you don’t have any other glue available at home.

Nevertheless, the price is so low that I could still buy the set just for the lashes.


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