It’s never too late to find the right man or the right dress!

About three weeks ago I received a surprise phone call. It was a lady I used to work with, actually she was kind of a boss to me for several years. The first seconds that I realised who was that familiar voice at the other end I thought she was calling me for professional reasons and I was already making plans on what I would reply to her in case of a job proposal.

Two minutes later, I knew the reason of this phone call and it had nothing to do with business. She shared with me great news that I really didn’t expect, she’s getting married!
During our collaboration I had never heard anything about her personal life, I just knew she wasn’t married. And as the years had passed I had thought it was a choice of life to stay single. So, the joyful news was something I didn’t expect.

Later that day she came over to bring our invitation. I was surprised once again! That woman didn’t look like the person I used to know. She looked younger than she used to look more than a decade ago when I had first met her in her late thirties.

I wouldn’t have recognised her if I had bumped into her in the street. I don’t think that her renewed look was because of the upcoming wedding. It wasn’t that she had only changed her hair. Her whole appearance looked better. 

That made me think of younger girls I know that are let down they haven’t found the man of their dreams yet.
Αfterall, it is never too late to make a new beginning. 
Maybe sometimes our dreams take more time to come true. The circumstances are not always right or Mr. Perfect arrives a little later!

Next Saturday is the wedding and of course I couldn’t miss it as I feel honoured to be invited to somebody’s happiest moment although we haven’t met each other for so long.

Until then I can only imagine what Miss N is going to look like as a bride. As I told her when I saw her she is going to be a beautiful bride, but I don’t know what style of wedding dress she has chosen.
Champagne Wedding theme I think would be very nice and I would love to see her in a Champagne Wedding Dress.

Here are some of the wedding dresses from Weddingshe that I think would suit her tall figure.

What do you think? Would you like to see a woman over 40 in a wedding dress like those I chose from Weddingshe or should she opt for an evening gown instead? 

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