LR Deluxe Miracle Foundation Review

I like to experiment with make up products a lot, but for more than 2 1/2 years I have used LR Deluxe miracle foundation more than any other foundation.
This was the first product I bought from this German brand and although I have been using it for so long, it wasn’t a love at first sight.

I ordered it without having tried a sample, so I had no idea what it was going to be like, but it was advertised to me as a miraculous make up as its name promises and decided to go for it despite its high price (32,90 euros).

The moment I started applying it on my face, while I was getting ready for my birthday party, I started regretting this purchase. I felt it didn’t provide enough coverage and although I had chosen no1 ivory, which is the lighter shade, I thought it wasn’t light enough for my complexion. I thought I had wasted my money, but I soon changed my mind. 
By the end of the party I had taken many photos and I couldn’t believe how luminous my face looked in them. I looked in the mirror and my make up was so different from what it looked before.

Now I can explain why I didn’t like it from the beginning.
First of all, I used to wear very heavy foundation on special occasions when I was younger and that’s why I felt I needed more coverage. I hadn’t been used to looking natural while I had make up on.
The other fact I realised was that this foundation adapts to my face some time after the application and it becomes invisible. I usually use a little powder over it, but this isn’t necessary thanks to the powder elements that it contains. Nevertheless, it doesn’t create a powdery look, contrary, it looks so natural that it makes my skin look flawless without showing that I’m wearing make up.

This is also the foundation I wore on my wedding day and in most of make up and fashion posts on the blog as it is very photogenic.

As you can realise I really love this make up, but there is a but…
If my skin isn’t well hydrated, it’s hard to apply it as it dries very quickly. So, I don’t know how it would feel on a dry skin.

Very little quantity is enough to do my make up and my first bottle lasted for a long time. 
The packaging is very convenient and I aways apply it with my fingers. 

All in all, it’s one of my favourite foundations and I bought again, but maybe you wouldn’t all love it.

Have you tried it too?


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