5 Types of Tattoo Designs You Should Avoid

Nowadays having a tattoo isn’t a taboo anymore. It is common among any gender or age group. If you have decided that you are ready to get a tattoo, except for the hygiene rules you should be careful of, you must be also cautious with the design you choose. It is supposed to be something that is going to stay on your body forever, so you should pick something you aren’t going to regret. Well, below you can find out some of the designs you must avoid when you want to get a tattoo.

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Your love partner’s name

name tattoo

First and foremost, for no reason should you tattoo your lover’s name. Especially when you are at the beginning of your relationship you may fall head over feet about them, but if it doesn’t last you will have to either see their name on your body every day for the rest of your life or you will have to get a removal.

Portraits of a person

Portrait tattoo

As you can imagine, similarly with names, portraits aren’t a safe choice either. Not only for the reasons mentioned above but to avoid the risk of having a face tattoo that doesn’t correspond to the person’s facial features. Even if the person you want to depict their face on yourself is your own son or daughter, it can lead to disappointment if their characteristics aren’t precisely captured.

Language you aren’t familiar with

Perhaps it looks fascinating to have a tattoo inked on your body in a rare language, but you need to be 100% per cent sure that you are aware of the meaning it has. It can be falsely translated or it can have two different translations and you get the wrong one. You can end up with something embarrassing or insulting to other cultures. Although English is an international language, even with an English quote you should watch out for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Chinese tattoo

I still remember the story of someone who asked the word ‘Free’ in Greek. But free has two meanings in English: ‘I want to live free’ or ‘If you buy a pair of shoes, you get a purse for free’. Guess what, they got lost in the translation and inked the second meaning!

Recent Trends

Anklet tattoo

When it comes to tattoos, you shouldn’t follow the latest trends because trends come and go while your tattoo is going to stay forever. Not only will it be out of date after a while, but woudn’t you prefer to have something unique tattooed on you which will represent your personality and won’t be for everyone? It would be weird to meet someone with the exact same outfit, let alone the same tattoo design! Particularly, if you are very young, take into consideration that your taste may change and you need to go for a design which you think you will feel comfortable with as you get older.

Initials that may have another meaning

FTP (File transfer protocol?) tattoo

You might not write the whole name of somebody, but you may write only their initials. Be careful, that could be tricky too! A few years ago while we were creating a logo for Beauty and the Mist the initials BM looked right but I soon discovered that it’s also the acronym for bowel movement among other meanings. Unless you want to ink something that will make others laugh, be careful with the letters you are going to use.

A lot of people regret the tattoo they have on their body, face or head. You shouldn’t make a hasty decision about it. Take your time, find a trustworthy tattoo artist and discuss about it before your final decision. Good luck!

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