BornPrettyStore Triple Marble Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Have you ever used a marble eyeshadow? The first time I saw one was in a big palette I had bought with multiple colours, but I’m not sure I have even used that shade.

I have seen the colours from

this type of palettes being blended, but I don’t think they have a desirable result
this way. I prefer to keep the original colours and create different combinations on my eye make up.
What I first noticed when I received this triple palette is that the quantity of the colours isn’t equally separated, but I had no problem with that as the colours that the palette contains in larger portions are the ones I prefer to use more anyway.

Nevertheless, at some point it is a little hard to pick with your brush or fingertips the colours in small quantities without accidentally blending them with the rest of the colours.


There are 6 different triple marble pattern palettes and I ended up with pattern #6 as I think it is closer to the hues I usually wear.


So far I have used the third eyeshadow more as the champagme colour is very easy to wear every day and I like the shine it has.

The colours have good pigmentation and they have a soft feeling and nice natural shimmer.

At the moment they are in discount and it’s a good chance to get about 10 different shades in each triple palette.
For any purchase on  BornPrettyStore you can use the code DKH10 for 10% discount
(the code is valid on the items without discount)

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