My first experience with PharmaPlus and short reviews of Castalia and Apivita products

About 1,5 month ago I was in need of some skin products and I went to my neighbour’s drugstore to check on the prices and see if  I would shop from there or I would look for better deals on the Internet. I ended up doing some shopping from the online shop PharmaPlus

Although I found some products in lower prices on other online shops, there were some good offers that made me choose this one in the end.

First of all, after my subscription to the site I received a 5-euro coupon for any order of 50 euros within 2 weeks.
I soon placed my first order and used the coupon. These coupons are not always real as I realised after my order on another online shop that I will review soon, but this time I had no problem and at the checkout 5 euros were removed from my order.

If my memory serves me correctly, I placed the order on Friday evening and received my parcel on Tuesday, which is pretty fast.

Everything was packed with caution and I was even sent three samples.

What I was looking forward to using was Bio-oil as I have read raving reviews and 9 euros was a good price in comparison to the 12 euros I was told at the drugstore. I have already started using it, but I have to wait until I’m ready to state an opinion about it. What I can say for the time being is that contrary to the reviews I have read, I don’t like its smell, but it isn’t so bad that I can’t use it.

Korres vanilla cinnamon shower gel and Castalia Sensial hand cream were in a 1+1 packaging, which was a very appealing deal.

It wasn’t the best price I found online for Castalia CHRONODERM GEL YEUX, but all in all with the free products and the coupon I saved money.

I may review some of the products in future posts, so I will only mention at the moment that I love the smell of Castalia eye cream, I was disappointed that Castalia SENSIAL LAIT NETTOYANT DEMAQUILLANT doesn’t have the same odour. I am also using Castalia Chronoderm Active 5 serum and Sensial moisturising face cream and I’m in love with their delicate scent. I really hoped that it would have the same scent.

 I can’t stand Apivita  whitening toothpaste with Mastic and Propolis. I got used to the mastic taste, but after brushing my teeth I miss the fresh sense that most toothpastes give. Many times I have to think ‘Have I brushed my teeth?’ because I don’t get this feeling. We will see if it provides the whitening effect it promises.

Because of my dry hands Castalia hand cream was one of the products I was eager to try. In a following post I will present all the hand products I have recently used and you’ll see which one is my favourite.

I am sure I will shop from this site again as I was satisfied with my first order and I would like to try more products.

Have you shopped from PharmaPlus or any other online pharmacies?
Which products would you like me to review on the blog?

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