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I am an easy costumer, even if I am not sure what type of dress I want to find, as soon as I enter a shop I can figure out which pieces I should turn down and focus on the ones I consider more probable to buy. I have recently looked for a special occasion dress and paid a visit to a store that has a great variety of prom 2015 dresses and any type of outfit you can imagine.

I don’t know if you prefer to have a shop assistant next to you while you’re shopping. Personally, I feel better if I have some time on my own first and by making a tour around the store I can have an idea of what styles and colours are available, so that I can select a few dresses I would like to try on.

So, this time I went shopping as I was trying to make a little exploration, a lady who worked there insisted on suggesting me dresses that she believed would look great on me.
I had soon realised that I would reject longer gowns and I would search for a short or midi dress. And by coincidence almost all the dresses I liked were pink and had a princess style!
That’s why I didn’t like the fact that the saleswoman showed me different styles and colours that I hadn’t even imagined I would wear.

I picked three of the pink dresses that caught my eye and just because I wanted to be polite and not insult the shop assistant I accepted to take with me in the changing room a not so princess dress in lime and black & white combination. It wasn’t only the colour of the dress that made me dislike it, but it also looked like a sack.

I started trying the pink dresses on one after the other and the truth is that while I wasn’t disappointed with my choices, I didn’t really feel I had found THE dress.
Then it was the turn of the green dress. While I was putting it on in the fitting room I was wondering why there was some pressure on me to try it on. Was there a flaw I hadn’t seen and they wanted to get rid of it? And it was the only dress I noticed didn’t have a price tag on as the rest of the discount prom dresses. 

The shop assistant helped me place a black belt around my waist – which I had no idea until then that accompanied the dress – and as I approached the mirror both the lady and I said ‘This is it!’.
Obviously the shop assistant insisted on me wearing this dress because she has a lot of experience and she could guess that this style would flatter my figure.
That day I was taught that I shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting with different colours I haven’t tried before and also that a shop assistant doesn’t have to be young and trendy to help you choose the right outfit. That lady in her 50s was who I needed for an honest opinion and experienced eyes.
I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to buy the dress in the end as it was more expensive than the rest of the prom 2015 dresses I had tried on, but I suppose my politeness to the staff that helped me and the fact that I always put the clothes back on their hangers and try to keep the changing room tidy made the woman go to her boss and asked to let me buy the dress with discount although it was from their new collection.

Has it ever happened to you to have someone help you and be honest with what really suits you and end up with the right choice?
Because some people would compliment you even on clothes unsuitable for you in order to make a sale.

You can find the dresses from the photos here:

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