Unique Bags!

The last time I went to the cinema while I was standing in the queue I noticed that the girl in front of me was carrying a shoulder bag in the shape of a radio. It was so special and pretty that I wanted to ask her to take a photo of it. Of course I didn’t ask her in the end, but that made me search on the Internet for weird and unusual bags.

Here is a collection of unique designs that I can hardly believe they are handbags.

A good excuse to carry snacks, but stay away from dogs!


And you start asking ‘Tea anyone?’

Don’t be surprised if people start rubbing your purse!


That would be IN in the 80’s.




If you are too tired to hold your bag, you can simply put it on your head!


Your friends will be happy to see you’re going to water their plants.


Yes, mum! I’m really going to my guitar class! Can’t you see I’m taking the guitar with me?






If you have this bag, then you also need…


… this bag to keep the muggers away.




I can’t see the time for our date!
With this bag you’ll never be late again.


I still believe this dog is real!



You don’t need a mobile phone anymore!


I remember when I was little I used to have a watermelon shaped bag.
Have you got any weird bag too?

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