Castalia Chronoderm Active 5 Serum Review

I have already mentioned that I’ve been using Castalia Chronoderm Active 5 Serum in a previous post and at the moment I am about to finish the first bottle, so I guess I have used it enough to talk about it.
In the meanwhile I think I have become a Castalia addict and I keep buying their products as I am very satisfied with their quality!

What Castalia Chronoderm Active 5 Serum promises:

  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Smoother skin
  • Increased firmness
  • Enhanced hydration
  • Improvement of pigmentary homogeneity
The first thing I noticed when I used the product was the smell. It’s an odour I have smelled in the past and I love it for skin products as it is very delicate and feminine.
I apply it on my face (I doubt that I remember the neck!) every night and it feels so soft and together with the smell it makes it a product I want to use before I go to bed.
When I try a new skin product my first concern is how gentle it is going to be on my face rather than the result I’m going to see. 
I feel very comfortable when I use it and I never felt any irritation.
I didn’t notice any improvement on some intense brown spots that I have on my face (I have recently started another Castalia product for this problem).
I avoided my eye area and I don’t have any wrinkles that worry me on the rest of my face, so I can’t say if it works on reducing wrinkles, but just the feeling of making my skin smoother and hydrated is enough for me at the moment. But the smell is what makes me love it!
All in all, this is a product I like and I may buy it again in the future.
Have you tried it too?

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