Incredibly Smooth Lips? Here’s how!

Still have rough and dry lips left over from the winter? If you feel embarrassed every time you need to kiss someone or apply your favorite lipstick, don’t worry. This problem can be easily solved.
All you need is patience and willingness. Just like your skin and complexion, your lips require regular care and nourishment. Here are some tips that will make your lips incredibly soft and smooth.

Our lip skin is extremely thin and prone to chapping since it lacks some oil glands our skin entails. That is why we need to exfoliate it in order to remove dead cells and expose fresh and healthy skin below the cracked one.
Exfoliation is pretty simple process that can be done in a couple of minutes. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do that is to use a toothbrush and a sugar scrub. All you have to is to mix water and powdered sugar, apply the substance to the top of your brush and rub it slowly to your lips. This amazing method will make your lips soft and fresh in just few minutes.
Keep your lips moisturized
Once you exfoliate your lips, you need to apply a lip balm. What you probably know is that, lip balms that smell and taste good usually don’t contribute to our healthy and smooth lips. Therefore, you shouldn’t choose them by their color, taste or smell.
One the contrary, go for the ones that will entail glycerin and can protect you from both low and hot temperatures. Finally, choosing a lip balm and a moisturizer with at least 25 SPF will protect your lips from harmful and dangerous UV rays.
Massage your lips
What you should also do in order to achieve smooth and fuller lips is massaging them gently. Massages play an important role in making our face and lips healthy since they stimulate blood flow and help us maintain our lip shape.
There are numerous ways for you to do that, such as using Vaseline, Nivea, honey or an ice cube. The sole process is pretty simple – gently massage your lips every day with the product you’ve chosen.
Choose your makeup
As you could see from the previous tip, our lips require constant care and moisturizing. Apart from all these care techniques and products, you also need to pay attention to the choice of your makeup. Sometimes, the poor choice of low quality lip products that contain dangerous chemical substances such as paraffin, tocopheryl acetate and triclosan can result in dry, chapped and irritated lips.
Therefore, it is highly recommended that you choose high quality products that will make your lips smooth and healthy all the time.
Bold lips are an absolute trend
They give sophisticated vibe to your entire face and frame it perfectly. You could complement ultra-popular no-makeup looks by using a bright lipstick, or contrast it with radiant pink, orange or red lipstick. You should always go for quality, light and durable ones, such as JaneIredale makeup.  
For achieving fuller lips, you should use a lip liner which is similar to the color of the lipstick you’re planning to use. Use the liner to fill in everything but the center of your  lips and then apply the lipstick with a thin brush, which will add the visual effect of full and smooth lips.


All in all, achieving incredibly smooth and kissable lips might seem more difficult than it really is. Applying these pretty simple tips, you will get rid of annoying chapped lips once and for all and be proud of them. 

Cristina Nika Kask is an aspiring fashion blogger from Sydney. Likes to get lost in the world of fashion, beauty and healthy lifestyle. She is a regular guest blogger and writes for the pure pleasure of it. Constantly in search for love and finding it in different places every time. Last year, she started saving money for the biggest adventure of her life yet. 

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