Dimi’s Easter Creations

This year I thought I wouldn’t put any Easter decoration at home, but there was a surprise waiting for me a few days ago.
My friend Dimi from Aussi Dimi Decoupage, whose creations I really admire, sent me a packet full of gifts she made for me!

Her handmade decoupage creations are so unique and it is unbelievable an amateur can make such masterpieces!

Dimi is also a great photographer and I joke that she doesn’t have a camera, but a telescope as her photos depict every detail.

Unfortunately, my photos cannot show how beautiful these gifts are.


To see more of Dimi’s creations and admire her wonderful photos, you can visit her blog here.


Dear Dimi, thank you soooo much for the beautiful gifts and your friendship!!!
I’m sending my best wishes to the friends who celebrated Easter last week, the ones who are celebrating this week and those who are not celebrating it!

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