Wedding Flower Ideas for a Traditional Church Setting

When you have finally said yes to the most anticipated question in a woman’s life, it’s time to start thinking about what you want your wedding to look like. The choice of the venue is extremely important as it will determine the style and the whole atmosphere of the ceremony, and it will also dictate a lot of the following steps in the wedding organization.

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While new and innovative ideas keep popping up, there is no doubt that a traditional church setting is still unmatched when it comes to its beauty and atmosphere. If you, too, want to have your wedding ceremony in one of the beautiful churches in your town, you will have to think about decorating it for the occasion. To help you in that, here are a few wedding flower ideas for a church setting.

Mind the aisle

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While your main focus is probably making the interior even more beautiful than it is, the practicality should still be on your mind as well. No church wedding can go without pew end flowers, as they truly make the way towards the altar magical. However, keep the width of the aisle in mind when choosing the pew end decorations. If space is rather narrow and you plan on walking down the aisle with your parents by your side, decorations that are too large could get in the way. In these cases, keep these flowers to a minimum and instead, splurge on the entrance and the altar decoration.

A charming entrance

Nothing makes a better wedding photo than the two of you leaving the church as husband and wife, and the only thing that could make this moment even more spectacular is beautiful entrance decorations. For instance, you could go for large pots with statement flowers placed on both sides of the door, or you can choose romantic garlands to adorn the entrance on all sides. Make sure that instead of overpowering it, you complement the architecture of the front of the building so that the whole look is balanced.

The feel you want to go for

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When choosing what you want to incorporate in your church decoration, before you rush and order your favourite flowers, think about the overall feel you want to go for. For instance, if you’re having a grand, elegant wedding, white roses or soft-coloured freesias are a perfect choice, even if you have to reach deep into your pocket. If you’re getting married in a small, historic church in a village, you might want to go for a rustic and boho feels instead and see what wildflowers you can incorporate into your decoration. Also, keep in mind that if you want to preserve the traditional church feel, tropical and unusual flowers might look out of place.

Keep the season in mind

While you might want peonies in your wedding decor, if your big day is in fall, these flowers might be very difficult to get a hold of as they are out-of-season. This is why you should start your flower search based on the season of your wedding. In Australia, for instance, you will find hydrangea in-season during the summer, while ranunculus mostly during winter and early spring seasons. This, in fact, gives you lots of unique options if you’re willing to think outside the box. For instance, for a spring wedding, nothing brings in freshness like a few branches of blooming trees.

Do it yourself

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You don’t have to go for any generic, pre-made arrangement if you don’t like it. Today, many crafty brides take the decoration part into their own hands and the end result is not only beautiful but also very personal and one of a kind. If you too have a sense for aesthetics, there’s nothing holding you back from turning to flower delivery in Melbourne and making something yourself for your Aussie wedding. You can browse for inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram and save your favourite arrangements to be recreated later.

Emphasizing the altar

The altar will be the centrepiece of your ceremony, and since all the attention will be focused on that area, you want it to be spectacular. Some churches don’t allow decoration to be placed on the altar itself, so make sure you check with someone in command before you order all your table bouquets. However, even if you are only allowed to spice up the surroundings, you have plenty of options. Bring in some height with tall flowers, or if there is plenty of space, floor urns or vases on stands or columns are a great choice.

Lots of greenery

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Decorating a church for a wedding doesn’t necessarily have to involve boring white flowers and the same arrangements everyone else uses. If you’re a nature lover and you want your wedding pictures to have an unmatched flair, bringing in lots of greenery to complement your choice of flowers and to contrast your white dress is a great idea. Green always looks good so you can’t really go wrong this way. Cascading ivy on pew ends or at the church entrance will bring in a Western European feel.

A romantic archway

If the arrangement of the church allows it, there is nothing prettier than saying your vows under a lush archway. Alternatively, the archway can also be at the beginning of the aisle, framing it beautifully. Here, consistency is key. Make sure your archway incorporates the same flowers as your bouquet and you’ll get a coherent look.

A fragrant ceremony

We love flowers not only because they look pretty but also because of their amazing scents. We retain memories related to scent very strongly, so if there is a flower you are particularly fond of in this aspect, making that the base of your floral décor is a great idea. Everyone will be charmed by the lovely scents which will give the ceremony a whole new dimension. Consider, for example, lavender pew bouquets or lily of the valley, if you like a bit stronger fragrance.


Decorating a traditional church setting with flowers cannot really go wrong as you already have a beautiful interior to work with. Still, keep the theme of your wedding in mind and choose your flowers with the aforementioned things in mind, and you will have an unforgettable day.

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