How to get rid of the dirt on your hairbrush

How many times I have wondered how my hairbrush collects so much dirt although I clean it after every use.
I used to keep it in a drawer so that it doesn’t get dust, but I can still see it gets dirty pretty soon.

A friend of mine told me that this dust comes from our hair and I guess she’s right.

I have seen on blogs ways about how to clean your hairbrushes, but to be honest with you I am a little lazy and I was looking for an easy solution.

Fortunately, I have come up with an idea and this way I keep my hairbrush clean. All I need is one euro.

Do you want to know how I transformed this pink dirty hairbrush to this new clean one?

I simply bought a new one!
Enjoy April Fool’s Day!!!

You know I’m a funny girl, so I hope you can excuse some silliness today!

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