Tbdress Swimwear for a Yummy Mammy!

Last Summer was the first time I would go to the beach after I had given birth again and the swimming suit I ended up with was a good choice for me back then, but I didn’t have many options when I bought it.

I hadn’t found time to go for shopping before I leave for holidays, so I had to settle for what would be available at the place I would go.

Some women are lucky or cautious enough to have their old thin silhouette soon after giving birth. For some others, it isn’t that easy to get fit again and they don’t feel comfortable in a bikini.

The extra weight is not the only enemy you have to deal with. Annoying stretch marks make their appearance during pregnancy and it isn’t a piece of cake to get rid of them.

If you belong to this group of women who aren’t looking forward to wearing their bathing suit and enjoy their holidays by the sea, let me tell you that there are solutions to look pretty on the beach and this doesn’t include covering up your body. 

There are numerous styles of sexy swimwear online for sale which are made for women who don’t want to wear a bikini either because they don’t feel comfortable in it or because they prefer one piece swimwear.

Take a look at women fashion summer swimwear 2015 collection from TBDress. As you can see, a woman can hide her ‘flaws’ without having to wear a boring granny swimwear.


A piece that covers a big part of your body can be sexier and more beautiful than a bikini.
You can select a swimsuit that focuses on a part of your body that you feel is your best feature, like your bust for example.


I am sure tbdress Swimwear section can give you many ideas on the swimwear that will highlight your figure.

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