Digital Art

It’s not new – in fact, I know that many have already seen this topic on internet, through facebook or another social media platform. But it’s such an intelligent and creative thing, that why not remembering it? Plus, art and music are always welcome, I guess! 

It’s about album covers, that we see and the pictures are beautiful and ingenious – images that have to do with the artists and their music, of course. Some show their countries, some are somber, some show the artists and landscapes. But actually what if around the pictures it was not that beautiful? Digital tricks added a hilarious touch to some of the most famous album covers! Take a look at the 2010 Justin Bieber’s My World album – expanded trickery showing he was arrested by police!
Aptitude website was responsible for the albums funny creations and said they want to spread humor. They got it!
They have expanded pictures of Michael Jackson’s 1979 Off the Wall album, Nirvana’s 1991 Nevermind, Adele’s 19 and other artists.
So, did you like it? Which one is your favorite expanded cover?
Photos courtesy of Mirror online

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