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I have lived in more than one country and something I like to observe in different places is the way people take care of themselves. I’m talking about it in general, because some will take more care, some won’t mind much. I’m also thinking about mind, body and soul. What comes out when we say “taking care of ourselves” is most of the time body care, but we should not forget that we have minds and souls and all should be cared 🙂

This time I was thinking about body care – hands, in fact. In some countries, people say that  “hands are the business card of a person“. I do agree with that. You can also see traits of personality through hands. Biting nails? A bit anxious… Short or long nails? This will also talk about someone, profession for ex. Vivid, bold nail polish colors? It does talk a lot about personalities! And really no care at all, with cuticles in a bad state? Well, yes, it also speaks for itself.
Sarah Jessica Parker keeps her nails short, but not in a bad state Source here 
Princess Carolne of Hanover’s short, but cared nails (and old pic, but anyway!) Source here
I understand when someone has loads of things to do, kids to take care of and housework, and has no time or will to do nails. But at least keep cuticles in order and all will look better. In some countries I saw many women trying to take care of their hands, by applying nail polish carelessly – just in the middle and all the cuticles in a sad state. It’s a cultural thing as well, they liked nails that way. 
This doesn’t look very good… just in my humble opinion. Source here
How to keep nails beautiful? It may be a superficial topic, but I stick to the point that of course a good character is more important, but cared hands are desired, too. Here are some obvious tips, but always good, I think!
File your nails properly, the shape you most like – usual ways are square or round;
* Use a cuticle scrub, balm or oil, to smooth them. I like Sally Hansen cuticle balm;  
* I use a nipper to cut some extra cuticle, but I know many don’t like it. So just keep them moisturized;
* You don’t have to wear nail polish, if you don’t like it! Keeping nails and cuticles trimmed are enough.
Hope you liked the post! We are waiting for your lovely opinions, through the comments! Wishing all a great week!

Denise S. is the blogger behind DenisesPlanet, a blog about her adventures, studies, readings and fashion, as well. She loves shoes, travelling, roses, learning languages and sweets, among other things. Learning from people and respecting each other’s opinions are always very important for her!

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