11 Celebrities’ Secrets Revealed by Maids


Celebrities always look glamorous and there are so many people who admire them and would like to be like them, but if you knew them better, you might change your mind.

When one of their assistants, housekeepers or maid service stops working for them, then it’s very probable to let their little dirty secrets revealed.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie apparently leave pizza boxes and food out, let their kids get toothpaste and crayon marks all over the walls, and sometimes stop bathing for weeks. 

Ryan Gosling reportedly sits down to pee, crawls upstairs on all fours, and sleeps with his feet at the head of the bed and his head at the foot. Oh, and he gets waxed – a lot.

Jessica Simpson leaves so many hair extensions lying around, “It looks like an animal has been shedding all over her house,” one source has said.

Madonna allegedly forces everyone in her household to eat a macrobiotic diet. She also supposedly made one assistant get her water six times per night. Every night.

Jennifer Aniston: In 2010, Star reported that the Friends star shocked the help by flaunting her nakedness in front of them. Jen thought nothing of walking around in her bra and underwear, a see-through tank top and sheer panties or a skimpy bikini, a source said. She also sunbathed topless and staffers signed for oodles of packages of sexy underwear that she purchased online. Another insider with knowledge of her living habits reported she and fiancé Justin Theroux consulted the book Fifty Shades of Grey for inspiration in trying to get Jen pregnant. But if recent breakup reports are true, she may be living alone again!

Sandra Bullock: The Heat star has told her housekeepers the curtains should always stay closed, according to a report last year in Star. The adoptive mom of precious son Louis is so paranoid about people looking in her windows that she has the drapes closed day and night, a source said.

Cindy Crawford: The supermodel is the rare celebrity employer who you’d want to work for! In 2012, a source told Star after Cindy did a shoot for Cadillac, the company gave her the car to keep. Cindy asked her assistant, “ ‘Do you want it? I don’t need it’—and gave her the Caddy!”

Johnny Depp: The actor famous for his odd movie getups is the same at home, an insider revealed to Star in a 2010 article. “He is really into costumes,” the source said. “Johnny loves to try them on and slip into a character.” He also did it to make his then-partner Vanessa Paradis laugh by putting on her heels or dresses and walking around, the source claimed. But maybe it wasn’t so funny after all, as the never-married couple recently split after many years and two kids together.

Reese Witherspoon: Star magazine reported last year that Reese was very generous with her help, not making any outrageous demands. And she’s so naturally tidy that her employees don’t have to do much cleaning up, even though she has three kids. “She insisted that her housekeeper take home a bunch of new designer clothes that she wasn’t going to wear, worth close to $200,000!” a source raved.

Kourtney was by far the most rude and unappreciative person in the family,” the housekeeper told Star magazine. “She was also extremely strict and a total neat freak”.


Kim has a silk sheet fetish! “She would only use white silk linens and she was very particular about them. They had to be silk and they had to be changed daily!” the source told Star magazine. “Every single morning her white sheets would be covered in makeup. There was always mascara and foundation everywhere.”


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