Contouring the face with brown eye shadow or a darker shade of foundation had many followers, but as everything, it had its days in the fashion and makeup industry. Not that it will abruptly stop, but now the latest makeup trend is called STROBING. It requires flawless skin, glossy cheekbones and bright eyes.

Image source: Marie Claire
As makeup artist Alex Box says, “executing such radiance is rather less pure and simple: layering myriad weights of reflection- shine texture, cream and powdered pearl, gloss and veils of pale, matte shades – requires real technical prowess.” (Source here.)
You can try at home with the help of some handy products! Here’s your easy 5 step strobing-strategy:
1. Good makeup starts with good skin. For reflective skin that glows, take your skincare routine seriously. Use a proper cleansing foam, wash your face twice a day – NEVER ever go to bed with your face dirty from the day, with pollution playing a role. Even if you never wear makeup, clean it before sleeping. Massage your face during cleansing – it will plump your skin.
Good products are Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, bareMinerals Purifying Facial Cleanser and a great Greek soap called Greenyard Natural Soap Olive Lavender.

2. Makeup walks together with skincare – after cleaning your skin, use a highlighter on specific areas like nose, cheekbones, forehead and chin, as well as the cupid bow. Try Albatross NARS Highlighter, it will highlight your skin without much color;

Last image source: here
3. Selecting the appropriate shade close to your skin will  brighten it more effectively. The glow comes from your skin, remember, not from fake tanners – strobing is used to highlight your best points;
4. Gloss is the word. For lips and eyes! It sounds strange, but experts advise to place a drop of transparent lip gloss on your eye lids – strobing is about looking healthy and this seems to have a wet look eyes’-effect, looking healthy and not tired. For the same effect, but not so glossy, try the same cheekbones’ highlighter on lids. Good lip glosses are Dior Lip Balm and MAC lipglass WEE COQUETTE – yes, lipglass, not gloss 🙂

5. Translucent-transparent powders add the perfect touch; they are invisible to eyes and cameras, but create radiant skin. Try Nars Translucent Crystal Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder.

Now, the ultimate trend is bleached brows and bare lashes.  If you are courageous enough! I confess that I liked the technique, but won’t go as far as bleaching brows!
So what do you think? Will you try STROBING or will go on with CONTOURING?
* Products shown here are my own. You may like to take a look at other products for strobing here.

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