Photoshop – yes or no?

In France politicians tried to pass a law that stated that in every fashion photo, be it for an editorial or a campaign, and when using photoshop, there must be displayed “this ad uses photoshop”. But unfortunately, no signs that it was approved, till now. It is a pity, because it would have helped so many women, to see that the pictures they see in magazines are not the reality. So they would have stopped pursuing the impossible, and having distorted images of themselves – thin or not, we are all worth the way we are.
Bigger woman are not less valuable because of their weight, but the fashion world continues to impose their rules. Congresswomen in the US also want to have such law.

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I don’t use photoshop because of two reasons: I don’t know how to use it and don’t want to learn and I don’t agree with managing an image (for me, I respect opinions). Either people like me the way I am, or not. True, I asked a friend to make my right arm thinner once, and she failed. Thankfully, cause I regretted asking that – true, I find I have fat arms, but thumbs down to me thinking that, cause I am healthy and my arms are OK. A few times I used filters to make the photo looking like vintage or ethereal. And that’s all.
Famous actress Keira Knightley posed topless last year, for Interview magazine and explained why she decided to do so. She states that her body was so many times airbrushed for films’ posters and ads, that she decided to show how she really is – her demand was “no photoshop then“. Patrick Demarchelier was the photographer for the daring photoshoot. It’s normal nowadays, but being it Keira, it’s a big decision. She had complaints about the way Chanel has enhanced her breasts in the past.
Keira refused to have the pictures retouched because she says it conveys women the wrong message – that there’s an ideal body – and she thinks it doesn’t matter what shape someone is.
The interview is not an ordinary one – it was Keira who wrote the questions and the interviewed person was the photoshoot photographer himself, Patrick Demarchelier. It’s certainly a nice twist to what we would have expected – same old questions to a star. They did surprise the fashion world !
 And what’s your opinion? Photoshop, yes or no?

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