Using a 3D Fiber Mascara for the First Time

When I came across this 3D fiber mascara, I couldn’t resist ordering it as it was something I had seen many years ago (maybe in another form), but never had the chance to try it.

Before I receive it I hadn’t realised it was a set of two products.
The package also includes a black mascara to apply it underneath the fiber mascara.
So, first I used the mascara as I normally do.
It is a regular black mascara that can be used even alone.
Then I had to figure out how I would use the fiber mascara.
I applied it on my upper eyelashes the way I would use a regular mascara, but as it was the first time I didn’t know that there was going to be a little fallout. Now I know that next time I’m going to use a tissue or a piece of paper under my eyes during the application and I will also apply more mascara underneath so that it sticks on it.
As I hadn’t used it before I was very cautious and didn’t put a lot of material on.
Nevertheless, I could see difference when I had the fiber mascara on.
I also used the concealer I presented in a recent post and has become my favourite.
I think I have figured out how it is supposed to be used, so I’ll experiment more with it and let you know!
I would like to create a more dramatic look.
I like the fact that it can make my lashes look huge without wearing false lashes.
Have you used a 3D fiber mascara too?
Did you find the application easy?
Do you like its effect?
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