The War of Women!

Have you ever wondered why women dress up? Do we want to look nice to attract the attention of the opposite sex or is it other women that make us take care of our appearance?

If you think it thoroughly, even if we attend an event where no men are present, we still devote some time on the outfit we are going to select for this occasion.

You may argue that it is an individual’s need to have an elegant image that makes them feel comfortable with their looks. We can’t deny that if our external appearance is satisfactory to us, then our self confidence is increased. Having a beautiful haircut or wearing a cheap evening dress that flatters your silhouette is rejuvenating for our mood.

Antagonizing other females is not bizarre. Our society requires from us to take care of our looks. No one would ever admit that beauty plays a primary role in our lives, but this is a bitter reality. Even when you send a CV to apply for an intellectual job, a photo is many times required.

Of course some people go too far resulting to the loss of balance between the normal levels of worrying about their appearance and the stimulation of their spiritual world. 

Nevertheless, when a woman is surrounded by other women it is inevitable to feel competitive towards them.
This competition doesn’t stop at the physical appearance. It can lead to the competitiveness of the material assets one has, from the simplest things like bags, shoes and jewellery to bigger things, such as cars and houses.

And now the question is, does the same thing happen with men? Are they so competitive to other males too?
Each person’s character varies, but why should men be different?Perhaps their competitiveness predominates in other fields and physical appearance is not a bone of contention.

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