26 Pics Of Celebrities At Prom

When celebrities were young and infamous they went to prom too. Most of them have changed since then as their prom took place a long time ago.
Would you recognise them without reading their names?
Back then they might not have thought that one day they would be so famous that people would be interested in looking at their prom photos.

Jennifer Aniston hasn’t changed much

Can you tell this is Courtney Cox?

George Clooney

Will Ferrell as a Prom Queen?

Meg Ryan before her famous blonde colour

Brad Pitt

Ellen DeGeneres

Not surprised Halle Berry was the Prom Queen
I am sure you recognised Angelina Jolie

Matthew McConaughey

Bruno Mars
Adam Levine
Natalie Portman
Ashton Kutcher
Was Justin Britney Spears’ date?
Jessica Alba always beautiful!
Julia Roberts with her recognisable smile
Barack Obama
Michelle Obama
I guess Beyoncé was already famous
Kim Kardashian
Blake Lively as you know her!
Taylor Swift
Reese Witherspoon
The sweet Sandra Bullock
Which celebrity photo is your favourite?


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