Best and worst food for summer

I know many people are writing about  healthy food for summer, and you may think “oh no! another boring post about it” But if you are like me – I confess, not a fan of healthy food at all – you need constant reminders to nourish yourself well, at least after reading such a post.
While I was gathering information for it, I had a “breeze of good intentions” and went to the kitchen to grab (and eat) tomatoes – so the post may help you, too!

Summer: a season to be careful, cause we need more sunscreen than ever and water, as well. And a study states that kids gain more weight three times faster in the summer. What happens to kids can well happen to adults…
What are the worst and best foods for summer? Here we go:


Worst: unfortunately, cookies and ice cream – with around 500 calories, the worst is actually the saturated fat in it. You can substitute ice cream for sorbet, made with water ad fruit.
Alcohol – alcohol can have more calories than a cheeseburger! And it is not nutritious at all, leaving you thirsty and dizzy 🙂


Pasta and potato salad – Mayonnaise may be nice, but dangerous. Not only it’s fattening, but also, if homemade, eggs are a real dangerespecially during summer. Maybe just eating a pasta salad or potatoes with olive oil is a better alternative.
Fried food – donuts, onion rings, French fries… fried food is one of the worst source of trans fat. It raises the bad cholesterol and lowers the good one, and although once in a while (twice a month?) it won’t really harm you, eaten on a regular basis is really so bad to your health.
Corn – fresh ones. High fiber, low calorie, but without butter, of course! Grill it, add corn to salads, it’s really healthy. And it has vitamin A.


Watermelon and fruits in general – watermelon is 90% water, so what for a great snack in the summer! Not only you will have an extra boost of water and low calories,  but also lycopene, good for fighting cancer.

Fruit salad and lots of water – same principle as watermelon. Drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself and eat more fruits.
Zucchini (courgettes) and vegetables, in general – zucchini is a low calorie vegetable and has no fat and cholesterol, plus it has 1/3 of your recommended daily ingestion of vitamin C.
Hope you liked the tips and that you have a great summer!


Source: Health.comGourmandeinthekitchen and Elle

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