Castalia Sensial Crème Hydratante Apaisante Review

I have been using Castalia Sensial Crème Hydratante Apaisante as a day cream for a few months.

In general it’s not easy for me to find a face cream suitable to my skin.

Before I started this cream I didn’t use a regular day cream. Two products I have loved on my skin – especially as make up
base – are Bepanthol cream and LR Aloe Vera cream with Propolis as they can moisturize my skin enough without making it oily.

This product from Castalia has been equally good as a make up base, but I also like its feeling when I don’t wear make up. It is soft, doesn’t itch or make my skin dry and I don’t feel like wearing anything.

Although I have combination skin, sometimes I feel my skin dehydrated and I think people with dry skin would like this product too.

It has a smell similar (but not the same) to the one I loved on Castalia chronoderm active 5 serum

If I would buy it again?
I wouldn’t mind it mainly because it hasn’t caused me any irritation, but I would also like to try a more firming cream.
At the moment I am using Castalia Chronoderm Crème Hydra-Claire as I was looking for a solution for a spot I have on my forehead. So far I haven’t seen a result. I’ll wait until the tube ends.

In general, I don’t like wearing a lot of creams at the same time, but I am at a phase that I would like to take more care of my face and keep it more elastic, clear and young. So, I feel I am in a critical position where I have to discover the ideal products for my skin!

As I have been satisfied from Castalia products so far, I’ve already started using more products and I will review them in the future.

Have you tried it? Did you like it too?


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