Blonde or Brunette?

Most women like experimenting with different hair colours. Celebrities couldn’t be an exception.
The catalogue of actresses and singers who have been both blondes and brunettes is huge.

Today let’s take a look at some famous ladies who have established a certain image either as blondes or as brunettes.

When I think of Angelina Jolie black hair is the first that comes to my mind although natural brown shades are her choice lately. She hasn’t appeared with blonde hair a lot.
I love both black and blonde colour on her.

She’s very beautiful no matter what hair colour she has. I think blonde shades lighten up her face.

Blonde hair and red lips are the main characteristics we can remember when we think of Gwen Stefani. She is loyal to her ultimate blonde hair, but I believe she would look perfect as a brunette too.

Jessica Alba‘s cute face looks nice with every shade she chooses for her hair. I like her with golden blonde hair.

Black and purple are the hair colours I prefer for Katy Perry.


Kim Kardashian has been famous as a beautiful brunette, but this hasn’t prevented her from playing with different shades. Her face looks gorgeous with both blonde or dark hair, but, in my opinion, she looks more chic as a brunette.


Brown and red are the colours most common on Kristen Stewart. Seeing her with blonde hair I like how her whole style transforms.

Many times I have noticed that dark hair can highlight blue or green eyes, but on Reese Witherspoon I like her famous blonde hair colour.

She has been blonde for many years. Nevertheless, her smile would be that bright even if she became a brunette. Shakira is a great example of women who look gorgeous with blonde hair even though they have brown eyes.

Victoria Beckham has created trends with her various modern hairstyles since we first met her as a brunette spice girl. She can support both blonde and brunette images equally. 

What do you think of these popular women and the hair colour that looks better on them?
Do you believe there is a stereotype that blue/green eyed women can look good with blonde shades and if you have darker eyes you should avoid these colours?

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