Maple Holistics Argan Shampoo and Silk Conditioner Review

In the last two years I have managed to grow my hair long and during this period I’ve been trying to keep my hair healthy, otherwise I prefer to have a shorter hairstyle.

Many times I have said to myself that I can’t keep my hair long anymore. It is usually because of the fact that I’m bored to look after and style it, but it’s also my untamed hair to blame for my thoughts to get rid of my longer hair.

I have tried several shampoos, but conditoners are the most difficult ones when I look for a decent product because when I find a conditioner which makes my hair soft enough and easy to comb, it’s usually a product that will make my hair greasy in the end.

Today I’m going to present two products from which have been very gentle to my hair.

I have tried Argan Shampoo, which contains various oils to enhance the health of hair and scalp. It has a discreet fragrance and it feels very soft during the application.

I’m trying to avoid washing my hair very often and I like the fact that I don’t feel my hair oily.
I used to wash my hair every other day, but now I have managed to delay it for one more day. This way I avoid hair dryer more too.

And now let’s talk about Silk18 Natural Conditioner. It was love at first sight since the first time I opened the bottle and smelt its mesmerizing vanilla scent. 
It provides softness to my hair without the feeling of oily or sticky hair afterwards. My hair is detangled and not frizzy.

I have also used it with a different shampoo to make sure it isn’t only the argan shampoo that gives this softness ‐I made this mistake with some products pending for review and I thought that the conditioner was good, while it was only the shampoo that worked‐ and I was glad to be assured that this product was a great find.

It was my first experience with this site and I’m sure I will order again. I received my parcel in a week, which is pretty fast if you consider the fact that it was sent to another continent.

These items are more expensive than other products I have bought, but there are so many shampoos in my bathroom that I stopped using after a few times that leaded me to wasting more money in the end.

Their products are made in the USA and they are animal cruelty free.
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