DIY: T‐shirts with chains

So many times I have opened my wardrobe and I can find nothing to wear. Of course it is full of all types of clothes, but I always need something I don’t have. I am sure many of you can identify with this situation.

Well, I tried to create comfortable tops that are easy to wear every day. With little cost I got several pieces.

First of all, I bought plaid black and white tops. There are discount stores where cheap T‐shirts are available in very affordable prices. If you wear small size, you may also find some in children’s stores which are cheaper than in women’s clothes department.

Then, I looked for different types of chains. You can use old necklaces or bracelets.
You can also buy new ones at stores with sewing supplies. They are more expensive than shopping at shops and sites with beads and DIY material, but there you don’t have to buy large quantities.

Much talent is not required to sew the chain on the garment. Take a needle and some thread and place the chains near the neck creating various patterns.

When your T‐shirts get very old or you are bored of them, you can reuse the chains to make jewellery.

I put them in the washing machine with no damage. The only con is that if the hoops of the chain are not closed firmly, the thread can slip out. 
This has even happened to me with clothes I have bought which have chains and it’s simple to fix it by squeezing the hoops with pliers.

Don’t forget you can also decorate your clothes with stamps!


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