All Nature Hair and Body Products Review

Having beautiful ‐ above all healthy hair is important to most women. In this journey searching for products suitable for my hair I came across All Nature hair line and the description of their ingredients convinced me to try them.

They provide several choices for each type of hair and natural ingredients, herbal extract and floral waters are included in their products. I ended up buying the products you see in the photos.

The product I like the most of all is the Rose & Almond Oil Shampoo. In general, I’m not a fan of rose odour, but I love almond and this one leaves a great scent which lasts on my hair even two days after washing it. It is soft enough for my hair, which has very dry ends, and doesn’t make it greasy.

I also like the bottle. It is a unique design that doesn’t remind of a shampoo or shower gel. And although the neck of the bottle looks very wide, there is only a small opening at the top to let the necessary quantity out.

The first time I used it I combined it with the Angelica & Argan Oil  Conditioner and I thought it was the conditioner that provided this softness, but I was wrong. Although the shampoo offers a lot of softness, this conditioner wasn’t appropriate for my hair, so I gave it to someone else. But to be fair, I rarely find a satisfactory conditioner for my hair.

Another shampoo I purchased was Thyme & Rosemary Shampoo and it wasn’t suitable for my hair either as it didn’t make my hair very soft.

Next is the Angelica & Argan Oil Hair Mask. Contrary to my feelings for the conditioner with the same name, I like this mask a lot. Sometimes I use it instead of a conditioner after shampooing and it feels very soft and sleek.

It may not be obvious in the picture, but the packaging is made of metal and I will keep it as a box when it is empty. I love wooden and metallic boxes!

All Nature claims: The formulas are free from silicones, parabens, paraffins, ethoxylates, PEG and SLES to ensure purely natural protection for your hair. 

Let’s continue with the body products!

I have chosen the Angelica & Argan Oil Shower Gel. It isn’t a scent I usually prefer for my body, but it isn’t bad.

It feels soft and it is supposed to protect the skin from dryness.

I would like to try some other scents from this brand too.

The packaging is similar to the shampoo ones.

From the two bars of soap. I gifted the Angelica & Argan Oil Bar Soap to a friend and I kept the Jasmine & White Tea Bar Soap for myself. 

The scent is a little old-fashioned, but I don’t mind it, I am old-fashioned too!
It is also suitable for use on the face, but I don’t like using the same items both on my face and body, so I will buy a new one to try on my face.
There are small pieces coming out, I guess some herbs, which may be a little awkward. But, in general, I like how it feels after the shower.

I bought all these items from e-yup when I came across a facebook ad which concerned some baby products. The offer was too intriguing. And I had a good excuse that I wasn’t doing shopping for myself.

In a future post I can talk about the baby and home products I purchased.

I have made two orders so far. The first time I ordered there was an offer on the site that said that for every 35-euro order you get 10 euros off. So, I thought I would have a discount at the checkout. That didn’t happen and I was informed that the reason was I had included items which already had discount in my order (The baby products were on a special 10-euro price). 

Then I placed a second order because they had some offers I didn’t want to miss. I knew I wouldn’t get the discount this time either as the items were already in discount. But some time later I thought I would like to place an order and use the 10 euros. Again the discount didn’t appear at the checkout, so I didn’t go on with my order. I would only shop for the 10-euro coupon this time.

I sent a message like I had done with my first order, but this time I didn’t receive a reply. I don’t think this happened on purpose, but I would have liked an explanation.

If I would shop from there again?

They have nice products and there are good offers. The packages were sent very fast (I ordered on Friday evening and received my order on Monday or Tuesday) and the bottles were sealed well to avoid any leakage.
I don’t think the coupon mishap was intentional and the prices were so good I didn’t really have a loss.

Would you like me to review the rest of the products?
Have you tried any of these products too?

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