DIY Ideas: Christmas Handicraft for Kids and Joanna’s Gifts

These days I have tried to spend some time for Christmas crafts. 

Until I present my creations, here are some ideas I found on Pinterest to create easy Christmas handicrafts with your kids.

At the end of the post you can see a lovely gift I have received!

I will give some of them a try. What about you?

Now let me present some beautiful gifts my friend Joanna sent me. She is a crazy Gemini so she decided her Christmas cards wouldn’t be only Christmas!

She also created this knitted heart to use as a coaster.
Do I need to say how talented she is and that I don’t have words to thank her for her beautiful surpise?
Thank you soooooo much for everything!!!

Of course I have put both in my Christmas tree!

On her blog syros2js you can see how she made the card.

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