Women Shaving Their Face, The New Trend?

Nobody can deny the fact that women have more pressure to look perfect and hide their flaws.
Facial hair can be one issue many women have to deal with, but men may not be aware of that as it is a taboo and we find ways to keep it a secret.

If I go back to my teen years I can remember worrying with my best friends if we had a moustache! I wish that was all we had to worry about these days.

I am not surprised that several women have chosen this way of hair removal. I understand that in some cases the problem is so severe that they think this is the best solution. I remember a girl writing about her situation on her blog. But she didn’t write it as a suggestion to others, it was a confession she made to talk about something she had to face every day and bothered her.

Let’s not judge them about their choice. They may do it because they tried other things with no desirable results, maybe they started shaving their face because they weren’t aware of other methods or they couldn’t afford a more expensive way of getting rid of the unwanted hair. And to be the devil’s advocate, I have seen girls who have been having laser sessions for too long and I can see they still cope with the regrowth of the hair.

Lately I have noticed popular YouTubers talking about how they shave the hair on their face, but they describe it as a habit they have chosen because it is beneficial to them. There I was surprised. First of all, I thought it would be difficult for a beautiful young lady who has million of followers to reveal that they shave their faces.

In addition, I had never thought that it would be a great idea for a woman to shave her facial hair as the result may not be what you expected. It is said by these women that shaving is like exfoliating and it makes the skin glow. I have also read that this is the method that movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor used as it makes the make up look smoother.

YouTubers are usually in their early 20s, so they can’t guarantee that this method of hair removal can be safe and the hair won’t grow thicker and darker.

Personally, I don’t shave my face as I am terrified I will grow a real beard. But reading many comments under the relevant posts and videos I realised that a lot of women applaud this method as they have been shaving their face and they didn’t see any worsening to their situation.

Of course I also read the opinions of women who have never shaved their face out of fear and there are also ladies who regret having tried to shave their face and this has aggravated the problem.
Nevertheless, the positive comments were so many and so promising that it crossed my mind that I may be wrong thinking that it will make the things worse.

If you decide to try this trend, remember that trends don’t last forever and the result can be irreversible.

Take also into consideration that the person you take as an example is different from you. Hair quality and colour as well as the skin colour and the age or even health issues could play a role to the result.

Experiments like not washing your hair for a week don’t put anything in risk, but shaving your facial hair can have more permanent consequences.

What’s your opinion about this topic?
Do you think it’s right that beauty bloggers/vloggers give advice on shaving our face? 

Have you got any similar experience to share?

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