Helpful Hints For Buying Jewelry Online

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To be the belle of the ball, there are certain accessories that you need to exploit. Of course, I am talking about jewelry. For the average woman, jewelry is something that looks nice and that makes them feel nice. From a fashion point of view, jewelry is the difference between a fashionable person and one who goes unnoticed.

But, finding jewelry is not always easy because it doesn’t come cheap. Not every woman can splash out a fortune on a new diamond necklace or gold anklet, which why we turn to the Internet.

The Internet is awash with jewelry stores that provide bargains for jewelry fanatics. However, it can also be a place full of con artists and scammers if you are not careful. Here’s what you need to know before you surf the web for a bargain.

Look For A Reputation

The first place you want to start looking is an online store that has a brilliant reputation. Chain Me Up, for example, a website that specializes in precious metals, is very well regarded by a lot of its previous customers. The majority of people who have made a purchase say that they had a great experience, and they would recommend them to their friends. Also, one simple Google search will show you that Chain Me Up features high on the search engines’ rankings. That means that Google rates the website as very reputable, among other things.


Still, it is not responsible to trust all you read on the Internet. There are ways for companies to make it seem like they are a reputable business when they are not, which is why you have to validate that reputation. The best option is to get a recommendation from a person that you trust who has used the website. When your friends and family give you a recommendation, it tends to be truthful. Other than that, check watchdog websites. Watchdogs find rogue traders and warn online shoppers not to use them because they cannot be trusted. If they are on their list, you should avoid them at all costs.


Precious metals have certification that they are real. Any decent jewelry store should be able to provide you with this certification to prove that it is what they say they are selling. If a jewelry store refuses to give you the certification or they don’t have it, think twice before you buy.


Precious metals also have markings that verify whether they are real or fake. Gold and silver are the two main examples. Gold is marked depending on the country, so you need to look for a number that correlates to the country of origin. The same goes for silver. Any piece of jewelry that claims to be real should have that marking. Again, stay away from those that don’t have the right markings.

Refund Policy

What is the refund policy? If something doesn’t turn out like you thought, which can be the case with online shopping, you want to return it for a full refund. Most stores will provide a free 30-day return with their purchases, which is perfect if you don’t want it afterward.

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