My shopping experience with NewChic

If you exchange gifts on New Year’s Eve you probably have already prepared presents for your beloved ones. If you haven’t finished shopping for gifts yet, you still have a little time left.

It’s nice to receive surprise gifts that you didn’t expect, but it’s also good to offer yourself gifts too as you will definitely like your own choices.

Here are a few clothes I ordered from You probably have heard of this site before as it is well known for its variety in many fashion items and you can also find very affordable accessories.

I am glad I received my order in time and I will have the chance to wear my new cardigans during holidays.

The first one is a black cardigan which I’m going to wear over my cotton blouses and winter dresses. It is available in many colours, but I knew I wouldn’t regret buying it in black.

Second is a long cardigan which was love at first sight and I’m glad it didn’t disappoint me when I got it in my hands.
The material is thinner than I expected, but I don’t mind. I love the design with the angel wings at the back. It makes it more suitable for a night outfit and I think I’ll wear it on New Year’s Eve.
It also looks nice in white, but I went for black this time.

Last is a long black and white shirt that I’m going to match with my leggings. Fortunately I chose the right size thanks to their size chart and Large fits me perfectly!
Red and black was a temptation, but I resisted!

As with every order you get points to redeem in your next purchase, next time I would also like to grab one of their make up organizers as I am looking again for better ways to store my cosmetics.

This fringe bag is on my wishlist too and I will have to buy it as soon as possible. You won’t believe what happened to me. I always had a lot of bags, more than I needed. I rarely used some of them and this winter when I opened my closet to see which would be the one that I would carry with me wherever I go I was shocked! Many of my bags had been peeled. The fact that they were old together with humidity leaded to this result. I had to get rid of them and even today it was the last time I’ve used one of them as I was doing some shopping and I saw flakes of my bag’s strap on my jacket.
The only handbag left is one that I adore and I don’t want to use very often as I want to keep it forever. This bag reminds me of it a lot and it is on sale at the moment.

Do you know this site?
Have you shopped from there?

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