Preparing your skin for your wedding

Weddings are ideally a once in a lifetime occasion and many photos will be taken on this special day to give you a lifetime of memories. You want your skin glowing on the big day so you can feel confident and look good in all the wedding pictures. If you are planning to tie the knot, the following are some skin care tips to use before the wedding.

  • Assess your skin
To get your skin looking near perfect on your wedding day, you might need to start a skin care routine about a year in advance. If you do not have that long before the wedding, assessing your skin is essential to find the skin care routine that works. Visiting a dermatologist or a cosmetic skin care professional can give you some great insights on what you have been doing wrong and of the best skin care habits for you.
  • Pump up your work out
You should consider upping your exercise routine a couple of weeks before the wedding. This will give you some last minute toning that will get your body looking great, and get rid of the pre- wedding jitters. Exercising helps to improve the flow of blood in your body, encourages you to drink more water and the sweating opens up your pores and gets rid of toxins from your skin.
  • Professional facials
Since this is a once in a lifetime experience, you are allowed to pamper yourself. You should consider setting up professional facials before your wedding to refresh your skin. Experienced professionals will help you by massaging your skin to stimulate blood circulation, giving you beauty tips and extractions to get the dirt out of your pores. Trying out some of these special techniques at home like extractions can lead to irritation and scarring. Leave it to the professionals.
  • Choose a beauty routine and stick with it
After an assessment and a professional facial, it becomes quite easy to come up with a beauty routine that works for your skin. Consistency is crucial if you want to transform your skin into an even and glowing tone. Find the right moisturizer for your skin type, protect your skin from the sun when going out using sun block, take off makeup and clean your skin before going to bed. With time, your skin will become healthier and better before your big day.
  • Use Ayurvedic products
Ayurvedic products are skin care products that contain special oils and herbs based on the traditional form of medicine called Ayurveda from India. Ayurveda is a holistic healing system that is aimed at achieving the well-being of the entire body, which is crucial for your wedding day. You not only need to look good but also feel great. Using the right combination of the best Ayurvedic products USA for your skin, a good diet and exercise can help cleanse your body of toxins, improve your health and make your skin look great. Treating yourself with Ayurvedic products can achieve amazing results.

By Sujain Thomas

photo via Pinterest


  1. Yes, off-course the beauty of bride matters a lot in any wedding and the tips shared here is highly valuable for all.This article is really very helpful for every girl who wants to look perfect & beautiful on her wedding day using Ayurvedic products.Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Nice Post!! Wedding is one of the most important occasion in my life. In this post neatly explain skincare tips to use before wedding.Thank a lot Sujain Thomas for writing such a useful wedding article.Well written article. Keep sharing always!!

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