Meet our…pet dinosaur!

If I told you that a pet would be a great gift for your kids, many of you would have doubts. I can’t blame you, as pets are not toys, they need to be fed, taken to the vet, in some cases you have to walk them and of course, if your kids are too young you are going to take care of them after all.

We received a great gift, a ‘pet’ which I thought was extinct.
It all started with an egg!

We were given this pink egg and were advised to put it into water for a few days. Underneath the water the egg started expanding slowly.

When the egg cracked we were able to see the head of a dinosaur. A few days later we took the dinosaur out of the water and it has become one of our favourite toys since then.

That it was seen coming out of an egg gives gou the feeling it is a real pet and not just a toy.

When I told a couple of people about the egg process, they asked me ‘A real dinosaur?’

As the days went by the dinosaur started to shrink again and we put it back in the water for a night and gained some of his size back.

Congratulations! It’s a boy!

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