Jennifer Aniston Did NOT Adopt Two Girls

Jennifer Aniston did NOT “adopt two girls,” despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the report, which comes from the same outlet that falsely said Aniston was pregnant just last month.
Wednesday’s new issue of OK! announces, “After years of struggling to conceive, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have found another way to create their long-hoped-for family: They’re adopting!”

A so-called “insider” says Aniston “tried IVF without success” and “didn’t get pregnant,” but “just heard” she’s been “approved” to adopt “siblings from the Midwest.”

“When she got the news, she broke down in happy tears. She’s said her heart stopped from the moment she saw those kids,” alleges the supposed source. “One is three years old, the other is four. Because they’re sisters, they were sort of a package deal. But Jen and Justin didn’t mind. They love these little girls.”
So, why haven’t Aniston and Theroux shared their joy with the world? The magazine conveniently claims the couple is keeping the adoption under wraps based on advice from Sandra Bullock. Right.
Or maybe they’re just not revealing they’ve adopted because there’s no adoption to reveal. And it’s outrageous that OK! expects to have any credibility left whatsoever after claiming last September that Aniston was pregnant with twins in an “IVF miracle,” and then saying in February she was showing a “tiny baby bump.” Now the magazine wants readers to believe this new story that says Aniston has been unable to get pregnant, and that’s why she’s adopting.
Sorry, but no dice. As Gossip Cop has said and as the blatant contradictions prove, OK!has been lying all along, and the gossip rag is lying again now. A rep for Aniston confirms she has NOT adopted two girls. In fact, the spokesperson exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “They print what they want despite the fact that they were told officially it was not true.” Shameful.
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