5 Ways To Understand and Manage Emotions

Emotions are omnipresent; in one moment, you feel like you can do anything and become anyone, yet there comes the time when you feel like the weight of the world is crushing you down. We are driven by emotions every day, we take chances and we strive for greater things.
Positive emotions are able to do everything when it comes to happiness and constant inspiration; however, negative emotions are able to do just as much, in a non-positive way. Learning how to control these emotions can be very helpful in many life situations. The key is to stay rational in any challenging situation. Here are 5 ways in which you can understand and manage your emotions.
Before you react to something, take a deep breath
If you are one of those who react to even the smallest thing, here is your chance to control it. Every time you feel like saying something or reacting to something, take a deep breath. By doing so, you allow yourself to calm your emotions and rethink about what you might say. Listen to your thoughts and do not let your tongue get the best of you. If that does not help, continue to breathe deeply for the next minute and feel your muscles relax and your heart rate return to normal. As you calm down and stabilize your overwhelming impulse, think twice before you speak.
See the bigger picture
Replacing inexperience with wisdom is the thing most people strive towards, yet a few of them really do try and become wise. This does not mean reading thousands of books; it means seeing the bigger picture in everything. Most things happening in life have a purpose, and if you do not realize it at the moment, try and see what it may affect for your future life. See past the moment and discern the greater meaning in every situation. Even if you are emotionally upset, believe that there is a purpose, a reason behind it which you will understand soon.
Learn to forgive to those you love
Learn to forgive to those you love.jpg.jpeg
People who inspire you, who love and care for you are your emotional triggers. Learning to forgive them is very important in order to manage your emotions. Once you learn to forgive, you detach from it; you detach from the jealousy, resentment, anger, and the fury. You allow the people to be who they are, without your judgment and the need for escalated emotions. As the time goes by, you will disassociate from the harsh feeling attached to your being.
Help others just for the sake of it
Many people have reported that they have found happiness in doing great things for others. And indeed, it is the best kind of happiness when you make others smile, make them happy or inspire them. Whether it is an old lady at the crossroad, or a kid trying to ride a bike, helping them will help you grow and come to understand your emotions. This is why many people are turning towards age care course in order to help the elderly. They have found their joy in helping others, and maybe you should try that too.
Change your response
Most of the time, people react naturally and this natural way of things results in a habit. “That is just who I am” is an excuse used by weak people. You are whatever you want to be, and if you do not like the way you treat people or the way you respond to something they have said, take a moment each time and rethink before you answer. Imagine the outcome and change your answer if you do not like how it ends. You will not only change a few words you have said, but the entire set of emotions crawling in your being. As you repeat doing it, you will learn to control those emotions eventually.
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Our ardent nature is constantly there to remind us of what we are, yet not what we can become. By controlling our emotions, we are able to gain wisdom, control over our nature and in the process become a better, new person.

About the author:

Peter is a fashion stylist and a writer from Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design he worked as a fashion stylist for few local fashion events. Beside fashion and styling, he enjoys traveling around exotic destinations and discovering new vintage stores. He’s future plans are in creating his personal styling business.


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