Why Women Love Guys Who Manscape

The hairy days of the past are long gone and no longer does a guy with a lot of hair on his chest represent masculinity. Of course everyone has a personal preference but, no matter if you prefer the bare look or something maintained and trimmed. We can all appreciate the art of manscaping.

Before we dive to deep into what manscaping is let me give you the definition. Manscaping is “the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect”. It may be a small shock but, it’s not just below the belt shaving! So, why do women love a guy who manscapes?
Less Hair Less Mess
Since a lot of women associate manscaping with being below the belt where better to start? When we’re in the moment and that special thing is about to happen isn’t it much better hairless? Having a well trimmed manhood is one thing but, hairless is another. Not only does the man get to appear up to 2 inches larger but, the women has a “smoother” experience.
By smoother experience I mean there’s no hair in your mouth. No on likes hair in their mouth! Not only do women not have to deal with that but, the man doesn’t have to be embarrassed when that happens because… it won’t happen!
Better Hygiene
Who doesn’t want their man to be fresh? When your man shaves the hair on his body he holds less sweat. Less sweat means little to no smell. Of course not all guys smell bad when they’re sweaty but, then there’s some that can smell outrageous!
There’s nothing wrong with it and it’s just apart of nature and who we are but, we can still agree that no smell is better than a bad small.
Also it’s statistically proven that guys who manscape tend to have better hygiene in other areas as well. They’re more likely to properly brush their teeth, shower regularly, and have an overall healthier hygiene habit. All bonuses women can agree on.
Confidence Boost
What woman doesn’t like her man to be confident? I’m not talking about the over-confident almost egomaniac personality. I’m defining the down to earth confident man that you can enjoy to be around.
Manscaping gives guys a confidence boost about themselves. We feel more in tune with ourselves and it just feels masculine. When you feel good on the outside it really helps you to feel good on the inside. That’s where I believe this confidence boost really comes from.
When a guy’s more confident he tends to be more spontaneous and exciting in a relationship.
Is it time for your man to Manscape?
If your man isn’t manscaping you should definitely suggest he try it but, be subtle. Manscaping can have very positive affects on your relationship. Not just from better hygiene and more confidence but, also in bed.
It can be a fantastic way to spice up the bedroom atmosphere. Sit down and have a chat with each other and see if it’s something you want to try. The great thing is it’s something easy to revert back to your old ways from. There’s really nothing to lose.
Out of all the benefits we covered it’s pretty easy to see why women like a guy who manscapes. There’s not really a reason a guy shouldn’t manscape either so if you’re a guy reading this go buy yourself a body groomer today!
It’s a quick and easy habit for your man to pick up and you’ll both get to enjoy the benefits. Thanks for reading!
Author Bio: Wesley Oaks is the owner of iManscape.com a website for manscaping, beards, and men. He really likes beards and believes all men should both grow one and make manscaping apart of their hygiene routine.


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