Interview: Shweta from Gourmet Runway


We are delighted to have a little talk with the sweet Shweta from Gourmet Runway and get to know her better. I would like to welcome her on Beauty and the Mist and thank her for being here!

-In what way does your blog differ from other fashion blogs?

Gourmet Runway is the result of a life long love for fashion as well as exposure to global style as a result of immense travelling. My fashion inspiration comes from various aspects of my life such as my corporate background, my time as a model, yoga, meditation, food and travelling. I truly believe in exhibiting these experiences through my fashion!


-In your opinion, what is the most essential trait a fashion blogger should have?

Fashion bloggers wear many hats so they must be willing to learn; everything from editing to design and much more. Along with this, fashion bloggers must really have an eye for aesthetics and all this that look pretty because fashion is very visual.

-Is fashion a part of your every day life?

Absolutely. My mood and schedule for a particular day dictate what I wear. Even a pair of trackies (track pants- sorry for the aussie slangs) can look extremely fashionable if you carry them well.


-What inspires you to create new posts?

You see inspiring things around you everywhere! When I’m at a restaurant- the food or decor inspire me. When travelling- the culture and story of the place inspire me! I can literally find inspiration anywhere! Also, it helps when I see things that are quite black and white- they fit in well with my theme.

-Food is one of your blog’s main categories. But do you make sacrifices in order to stay fit?

I was a born foodie, however I have really embraced healthy eating and really enjoy the health and mental benefits of eating this way. So I naturally end up eating a lot of salads and vegetables. However, I do have to put my foot down when it comes to sugar as excessive consumption really affects my skin, hair and body.

-Do you think a girl who wants to maintain a fashion blog should look like a model?

Not at all! The reason I started my blog was because as a model, I suffered from extreme eating and working out disorders and I wanted to do something that didn’t need my looking like a skinny model and was still associated with fashion! A fashion blogger should know how to groom and present themselves well but other than that I think we should all embrace our natural bodies.


-If your boyfriend asked you to quit blogging, would you consider his request?

My boyfriend takes all my pictures and really enjoys taking his camera out for a spin as a break from his normal job so he would be quitting his hobby too! He really motivated me to start the blog so its quite unlikely that he would ask me to stop!

-Have you got any future plans for your blog? Can you imagine yourself blogging for many more years?

Yes! Gourmet Runway has received a crazy response in the 6 months that its been around. We hope to continue growing it and reaching out to as many people in India and the world as possible, after which we will foray into other things associated with our style and passions (more food stuff too)!

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  1. She looks really beautiful and I liked her interview! Nice that her boyfriend takes the pictures, and that she is a foodie!

  2. Τί όμορφη και στυλάτη κοπέλα!
    Και έχει τη στήριξη του καλού της σε αυτό που κάνει! Πολύ σημαντικό!!!
    Σούπερ η συνέντευξη, Demi μου!
    ΣΣΣΜΟΥΤΣ πολλά! Καλό βραδάκι!

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