Timeless Glamor – How To Make Sure You’re Always In Fashion

Trends change. That, really, is the entire point of trends. Anyone who uses social networks can get a fair idea of how fast the world moves sometimes. Doing things a certain way can be the ONLY way one day, and completely obsolete the next. Before you even have time to take a breath, the world has moved on and you’re left wondering what just happened.

As with online trends, so with the world of fashion. Although the idea of fashion is one that hinges on more people doing something than are doing something else, it’s not so simple. Fashion is, by and large, defined by taste-makers. A small number of influential people saying that something is “in” and something else is “out” can make or break a trend. If you want to stay on point sometimes you need to move fast.

If you are wondering how you can possibly stay on trend in such a fast-moving environment, then there is a way. It is universally agreed that there is such a thing as “timeless glamor“. It was cool in the 50s. It was still cool in the 70s. And even now, when many of the practitioners of timeless fashion are no longer with us, it still works. You may need to have confidence to pull it off, but it’s still there.


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The old-time stars of the silver screen are the icons of timeless glamor. The likes of Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and such luminaries. Their films may no longer be as relevant as they are now, but their looks are copied and, after most of us have ceased to care about fashion, still will be. What they wore, the hairstyles and their makeup will continue to draw approving glances.

So, while it takes a lot of reading, time and not least money to be a slave to fashion, if you go for a more timeless look you can avoid too much stress. Acquaint yourself with a cosmetic company that specialises in the classics. Dress to make a statement. Have fun with your hair but make sure that it fits the look. The great thing about the classic look is that, even if people are raving about a zeitgeist-led style, the classic will still be impressive. Arguably, even cooler than what’s “in” right now.



For the avoidance of doubt, it should be noted that trying to look exactly like Marilyn Monroe is probably taking it too far. Unless you’re going to market yourself as a tribute act, it can come across as a little bit too bound-up in the look. And bear in mind that men have it tougher, because anyone trying to make the Elvis look work these days will be laughed out of town.

It’s possible that no-one currently around will define a look the way those stars of the silver screen did. Maybe they will, maybe not, but one thing is for sure – when it’s stood the test of time for this long, timeless glamor will never die.



  1. Well said Demi! Timeless Beauty cost less and is so elegant! I was a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe growing up- I always felt very connected to her.

  2. The actresses and women in general in the past looked so polished up! Now all is so quick, it’s difficult to look polished up all the time… but I love seeing these beautiful pictures!

  3. Κάποτε μια blogger θα γράφει ακριβώς το ίδια για εμάς!!!!
    ΣΣΣΣΜΟΥΤΣ πολλά, κοριτσάρα μου!
    Καλό μήνα!

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