Water Flute Review

One of my kids had seen a 5-water-flute set at the neighbourhood’s toy store and asked if he could buy it. I doubted this package was worth the 15 euros it cost, so I had a look online and ended up with this set.

You fill the flutes with water and the level of the water detemines the musical note it will produce. There are also musical sheets with children’s songs.

Nice way to entertain your kids in the bathtub, especially if they like music. For kids under 3 be careful as they can swallow soap water. Very good value for money as it costs around 5.5 euros/ 6 usd.water-flute-musical-sheets

If you decide to let your kids play with them outside the bathroom, then good luck! In case they turn the flute upside down, you’ll have a little flood in your house.



I am thinking they can be a fun occupation for the beach or the pool, but again, you have to be very careful that they don’t drink the water.


Before we spotted them at our area’s shop, I had never seen them before. It would be a unique gift for a boy or girl around 3 to 7 years old (or older; I gave it a try too!)



I also like the fact that you can wash them. So if you have guests with kids sharing your kids’ flutes won’t be a problem. You can wash them like you would do with any cup, spoon, etc.


If you like them, you can purchase yours or see more details here.

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