Interview: Alina from The Closet Crush

I am happy to have Alina from The Closet Crush as a guest on Beauty and the Mist. Let’s dive into her fashionable world and see why I love her style!

-What triggered your decision to start blogging and how did you come up with your blog’s name?

I started my blog right after I took the Bar exam to become an attorney.  I always wanted an outlet to the everyday routine and blogging/fashion has always been my passion.  I came up with the name as a result of always using the term “crushin’ on” a particular item.  I said why not generalize it for the entire closet…The Closet Crush.


-What was your relationship with fashion before starting your fashion blog journey? Have you always been a fashion enthusiast?

I’ve always loved seeing and trying to style upcoming and new trends. I always enjoyed looking at what other people wear, especially living in New York – you’ll see anything.


-Is fashion a part of your every day lifestyle?

Yes, fashion is definitely part of my everyday lifestyle.  I really can’t leave the house without being content about what I’m wearing…even running out to the store. I know, it has come to that!

-Is it difficult to combine a fashion blog with motherhood?

Definitely – it is hard to maintain the fashion blog with motherhood and a full-time job.  But I look at my blog as a hobby and to get away from the everyday lifestyle – it is sort of my escape. And I enjoy it! I can’t think of stopping it anytime soon; it’s become second nature to me now.

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-Are there any necessary qualifications in order to become a fashion blogger?

I don’t think there are any certain qualifications.  One thing you definitely have to be is determined.  If you are not determined in what you want and what your goals are – then you will not keep up with your blog.  No matter how hard it is, I always strive to do my best and keep going! But if it is your passion – then go for it!

-Do you maintain your own style or are you a faithful follower of the latest fashion trends?

I say that I stay true to my own style and also keep up with happening trends.  If there is a trend that I wouldn’t particularly be fond of, I won’t try it out.  If you have been following me for a while, I generally stay true to being simple, but making a subtle statement.



-What is your trait that makes you stand out from other fashion bloggers?

There are SO many fashion bloggers out there, it is such an over-saturated market now.  But, to stand out – I am myself.  I talk to my followers like I talk to my friends.  Being an attorney/mom/blogger – I try to incorporate the multi-tasking into my blog and sort of give my followers a glimpse of my everyday life.  I recently starting doing this but incorporate work outfits and inspiration into my blog too.


-What advice would you give to a girl who wants to start her own fashion blog?

As far as advise to those who want to start their own blog – just go for it! Do it.  The more time that passes, the more you will regret it! At least you’ll know what it entails instead of always wondering “what if”



  1. Όταν υπάρχει μεράκι και αγάπη, αυτό φαίνεται από μίλια μακρυά!
    Μου άρεσε η προτροπή της στο τέλος, προς όσους επιθυμούν να ασχοληθούν με το fashion blogging!
    (Σου πηγαίνουν οι συνεντεύξεις, δημοσιογραφάρα μου!)

    1. Μου πηγαίνουν, ε; Όποτε θέλετε να μου παραχωρήσετε κι εσείς συνέντευξη, αλλά να ξέρεις θα έχει να κάνει με γάμο!
      Πολλά σμουτς!!!!!!

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