Black in Summer? Zaful Bag Review

Who doesn’t like bright colorful clothes and accessories in Summer! The blue sea, the pink watermelon, the yellow Sun – Summer means colors! But you can never go wrong with black! Even in a hot day, a total black outfit can make you shine.

Especially if you are afraid of stylistic mistakes, your patterned dress can be easily matched with black accessories.


That’s how I decided to enrich my wardrobe with a mini black bag. Why mini? If you are a mom, you may know why. When you’re out with a toddler, you need to have a large bag with you to ensure you are always prepared with diapers, extra clothes, toys, a bottle of water and anyhting you can imagine. In some cases I put my personal belongings in the same bag, but sometimes this isn’t very convenient. For example, you can’t carry the baby’s bag on your shoulder all the time and you can’t leave all your personal items, like money and cell phone in the stroller as you are running behind your kids in the park. In addition, there are times when you leave the house alone (precious anticipated moments!) and you don’t want to carry the same bag.

I ended up with this bag from Zaful which you can find here and it was in a very good price. They have a great variety of bags, so I’ll have a look again when I need a bigger one.

Matched with old black wedges found almost unworn in my closet

When I placed my order on I had no idea how long it would take to arrive, but I was happily surprised with its arrival in less than two weeks. I should also mention that with a purchase over $30 you get free standard shipping.

Moreover, as soon as I signed up on their site I received a 10% discount coupon and points which I used and my order was even cheaper. Of course I took advantage of all this and added something more in my order, something I was craving for a couple of years and I’ll show you in a future post.



This Summer I also decided to be more protective against the Sun, so I bought this straw hat from a shop near my house. Again, I went for neutral colors so that I can wear it with many outfits. I’ve always wanted to buy a hat like this, but it’s the first time I’ve owned one since I was a kid. I was afraid it might not be my style, but I said why not try something different?


Are there any specific colors you prefer during Summertime?



  1. Lovely bag,I love Zaful products, you can find everything in nice prices.
    The hat is cute too!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  2. This bag looks amazing, I must admit I always prefer to choose black clothes and accessories, because they are easier to match with other colors 🙂

  3. I loved this mini bag, even if I am not a mom! It looks super sweet and practical! The sandals are also lovely!

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