Larimar Jewelry Review


Larimar is a strikingly gorgeous turquoise gemstone that can only be found in the Dominican Republic. It is also offered to the public in the Dominican Republic and elsewhere in the Caribbean as a local speciality. Other than widely being considered the Apex of turquoise stones, it’s also believed to have holistic healing attributes.

Turquoise magic

The first thing you are bound to notice when you see a piece of jewelry with a larimar stone is the bright color. Either your jewelry is combined with silver or gold, this turquoise shade will travel your mind to a deep blue sea.


It also comes in other colors, but the intense blue color makes it rearer and of a higher quality.

Larimar Healing 

Gemstones capture our sight with their striking colors and composition. Larimar is not just an eye captivator, but a gem with metaphysical properties. It bears a tenfold energy that is said to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being of its beholder. Larimar healing is a natural way to gain peace and comfort. It’s a beautiful blue stone gifted for the whole world to experience.

Just the thought that it has the power to make you feel better, you may get a liberating feeling.


In Fashion

Larimar gemstones can be found in every kind of jewelery like pendants, bracelets, rings, etc.The shape and the style of each piece of jewelry can determine if it is a modern or more classical.

I chose this pendant from as it looks so easy to wear from morning till night and in any occasion. It comes with a delicate silver chain which gives an elegant look. I don’t think it can ever go out of fashion.

I was surprised when it arrived 5 days after my order!



Here I have matched it with a turquoise top and a white long shirt with blue details.

For the ultimate summer look, a total white outfit would be a great choice to wear with your larimar jewelry.

As a gift

The main reason that a larimar piece of jewelery can be a good option to be offered as a gift is the fact that it doesn’t have a limited target group. As there is a large variety of designs there is no age restriction. From a young girl to a mature lady they are all good candidates as long as they like jewelery.


Do you own any larimar jewelry? Are you a fan too?

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