The Most Effective Hacks and Tips for Instagram Pictures

You must always be on the lookout to take your Instagram game to another level. That is exactly why some creative personalities and artists were consulted for their prized secrets to photo shooting, photo editing and lots more. Here are some of the best hacks and tips for taking your Instagram to a whole new level.

Amy Lombard

According to Amy Lombard, likes are certainly not the only yardstick for measuring success. Instagram is more often than not, the very first platform where potential clients and admirers stop by when they wish to get more information about your work or even about you. Amy Lombard is a celebrity photographer who is known to have shot Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande, Paris Hilton, Gwenyth Paltrow, Kendall Jenner, Anna Wintour, and Maisie Williams. She believes that it is really essential, to be honest and genuine.

It is important to stay in touch with the reality and refrain from projecting the aspirational lifestyle. You should be strategic about this social media platform. You must try posting a picture with a specific color palette; you must know the precise demographics of all Instagram followers or also, concentrate on a particular subject matter. You should never let analytics define your aesthetic. You must realize that Instagram likes certainly is not the sole yardstick for measuring success and popularity.

Maria Jose Govea

If you wish to draw more active users to your platform, remember authentic is the new mantra for success. Maria never projects herself as a celebrity professional but she has been quite a success. She never follows any formal Instagram strategy but she is quite a big hit considering the fact that she has been able to click the likes of Lorde, Drake, Justin Beiber, Iggy Azalea, Skrillex and Grimes. Many photographers insist on keeping all pictures in a particular tone in order to get a consistent feed. However, Maria Jose Govea does not insist on absolute consistency. You are free to use your pictures the way you feel like. Never fuss over things like what would the other people think or would they like the picture etc. There is hardly any great content out there. The key to success is originality, being spontaneous and upholding originality. There would always be pictures that would be getting a million Instagram likes and there would be always some with no likes at all. It is important to be fun, dignified, original and spontaneous.


Michele Bisaillon

She suggests that to attract more attention and Instagram followers it is essential to be quite quirky, raw and weird. Initially, Michele went around the town clicking and sharing selfies along with funny signs. It is always a good idea to have a particular theme. Identify something striking and then, build up a fabulous theme. Mitchele’s feed is full of unexpected mirrors and objects. She suggests that for instantaneous success you need to concentrate on some unique aspect of your life. Your intention should be to make others laugh. She urges you to take note of the best time for posting and she feels that any time between 3 to 5 pm is the most favorable period for posting your pictures on Instagram.


You could infuse a sense of style and fluidity by choosing the right colors. Choose colors according to the mood you wish to convey. Then you must not ignore the framing aspect. The most effective way of determining ways to frame a picture is using the camera’s grid and keeping it on all along so that you could see the various quadrants. Do not feel shy to experiment with colors.

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  1. Loving the new blog look Demi! Great tips on IG. I usually need a weekend cleanse without social media. It can get all too much! Hope you are well my beautiful greek friend. xoxo, Sissi

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