Interview: Lilli from Candy and Style

At my beginning in the blogosphere I met many bloggers. With some of them we lost touch, while with some others we continue our blogging friendship. Lilli from Candy and Style belongs to the second category, she is one of my favorite blogger friends. Today you’ll have the chance to learn more about her too through this interview which could be also considered a friendly chat!


1) How did you decide to start your blog?

I had the idea from long time and then, an evening of January, soon after the Xmas holidays, I decided to create it, I still remember that moment, I was very thrilled!:)

2) What inspires you for your blog posts? Is there a celebrity you look up to?

I really like the street style and to stay updated to the recent runway shows, but there isn’t something or someone particular who I tend to follow or copy. I write according to the mood of the moment; actually, nature is my big source of inspiration.


3) If you had to choose between fashion and beauty, which one would be the winner?

Oh this is a very hard question since I totally love both! I will give you another answer, styling!:)

4) You have been blogging for several years. Have you ever thought to quit blogging?

Yes, I think bloggers have to deal with this thought sooner or later, especially if they have been disappointed by the blogosphere or some brand. But you know, I soon think of the reason I started to blog and what makes it real, which is my real passion and motivation. This feeling helps me everytime.

5) Is fashion a part of your every day life? If you didn’t have a fashion blog, do you think you would still take so much care of your appearance?

Definitely! I’m also a personal stylist so image and appearance are so important to me in my every day life. Actually, I always say that I never take a break, my mind works all the time!


6) Based on your blogging experience, what are the advantages and disadvantages of blogging?

I think it is very good to create your personal network, real people who follow you and like what you show, people who became also like friends. Also, it is good to know other blogger buddies from all around the world: I had many nice colleagues who I myself follow and love what they do. The disadvantages is to spend lots of time online and on this isn’t good for my insomnia at all!

7) Do you devote a lot of time on your blog and social media?

Yes, I absolutely do. For me, it’s very important for a blogger. In case I can’t blog because I haven’t enough time – I’m the only one who manages everything (hard task!) – I feel relieved there are also social media (like instagram, which is my fave!) that allow me to stay connected with my little network 🙂

8) You seem to be a very sweet and kind person. Is there a side of you we haven’t seen on your posts? What is Lilli like in real life?

Aww, thanks a lot Demi, this is kind of you:) I tend to show the real me, my real fashion taste and everyday outfits. I think the more you keep the blog loyal to yourself and real, the more this is felt to everyone who reads as well. I’m also very very shy, could sound weird but I prefer blogging in English instead of my native language (Italian) for this reason. I’m very simple and I like the simple things 🙂 The hidden side? Well, I’m so impulsive!


9) What are your plans for the future? Do you intend to keep blogging?

Yes, definitely! I love blogging and the people I met thanks to it. I don’t like to make plans for the future, I just live the moment and what every day offers. I’m going to keep studying fashion styling which is my true love and passion, and specialize my knowledge of image.

Thanks a lot Demi!!

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  1. Φινετσάτη και υπέρ-κομψη!
    Είναι σαν νεράιδα!
    Όμορφη η συνέντευξη, Demi μου!
    ΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΜΟΥΤΣ πολλά-πολλά!

  2. I liked the interview so much, she really seems to be a lovely person and she is super stylish! Like her, I agree we all have once or twice thought of closing our blogs, because of some disappointments, but thinking of what made us start is fundamental! I also started mine on Christmas day, the 25th! (she says it was around this day!) Amazing interview, indeed! I hope you have a very sweet day!

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