Akshay Kumar Facts

Akshay is a professional actor and hero of bollywood. His personality is renowned all over the world. Film producers and directors want him to be in their movies, his demand in the industry is so high that he is the highest paid actor of India.

There are many qualities and habits of Akshay that his fans want to know about. He is fond of fighting right from the childhood. Here I am listing some of the facts about Akshay Kumar.

  1. As he is fond of fighting skills, he got black belt in Taekwondo, then went to Thailand to improve his skills. In Thailand he came across good teachers to learn different fighting combats.
  2. Let’s have a glance over the facts and information regarding his struggle. He did not come all of a sudden and jumped directly into bollywood. Rather he was a struggling guy. While he was abroad for learning martial arts and fighting skills, he was working as waiter and chef to earn his living.
  3. He even worked in one of his earlier movie as martial arts instructor, when no one knew that this martial arts instructor is gonna be future celebrity of Bollywood.
  4. Akshay has some tight type of schedule, made for himself. He follows the self-made schedule wherever he is, whether it is shooting in India or even abroad. Waking up early in the morning, sharp at 5 ‘O clock, while going to bed earlier, not waking late night. He had also delivered all of his TV interviews in the morning at 6 ‘O clock. This shows how strict he is in following the particular schedule.
  5. In the beginning, he was not very much liked by the film producers and directors, as they had other options at that time. It was the time when he got rejected from several movies. One of them was “Jeeta Woi Sikandar”.
  6. This is an interesting fact about Akshay, that he was named differently in different movies, but the name Raj Malhotra was given to him in several movies. Almost in five of his movies.
  7. Akshay has also a role in making a world record, the record was due to the largest poster in the world. That Akshay printed for “Boss”. Later on the record was broken by another Indian movie poster named “BahuBhali”
  8. Forbes listed him in the top 10 highest paid actors of the world, standing at 9th position. While he is the highest paid actor in India. The net worth of Akshay kumar is almost $300 million, that is a huge amount, all he earned from his acting and stunts skills.
  9. Akshay always supported new artists, singers and actors of the industry. Back in 2011 he launched a production house of small caliber, named Grazing Goats. The purpose was to give the new ones an opportunity to come forward.
  10. Another fact regarding his fitness is that, he never did bodybuilding to make his muscles or body like that. His gym has equipment related to boxing and martial arts. This might be the reason behind his super fit and natural body.



  1. And his name is Rajiv Bhatia! I like him very much, actually, all about Bollywood has a special place on my reading and watching 🙂 He is really very funny and if needed, dramatic! I really love his movies! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

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