Dermaroller Treatments Provide Skin Benefits

As you already know, the skincare industry offers many different ways to treat existing skin problems and generally strengthen the skin. However, very few of those methods can do both. Dermaroller is one treatment that can because it provides several skin benefits. But before you can really understand the extent of the positive impact it can have on your skin you need to know what is involved in the treatment process.


Making a Dermaroller Appointment at a Local Clinic
A Dermaroller is a device similar to a Derma-stamp or Derma-pen. They are all types of micro-needling tools. The difference is that the Dermaroller is an actual roller that can be rolled across bigger areas. It is great for treating widespread skin damage or degradation.

When you make a Dermaroller appointment it will be much like if you made an appointment to be treated with other aesthetic machinery in your local clinic. As with laser treatments, for example, your skin will be numbed with a topical lotion before the treatment begins, but that’s when the process will become unique.

Once your skin is sufficiently numbed, your technician will roll the Dermaroller across your skin in multiple directions. Since the roller is studded with many small needles, each pass of the Dermaroller device across your skin will create a series of tiny holes that are practically invisible.


Dermaroller Treatments Help to Reduce Scars and Wrinkles
One goal of Dermaroller treatments is to treat specific conditions, such as old scars or wrinkles. They can help to lighten scars and smooth wrinkles because they cause your body to move healthy materials like collagen to where those materials are needed most. A more even distribution of those substances leads to wrinkles and scars being less obvious or disappearing altogether eventually.


Dermaroller Can Also Encourage General Collagen Redistribution
It’s possible that your skin concerns are more generalized. If you have general sagging or drooping skin in a number of areas, Dermaroller treatment can help with that, too. Just like collagen can be redistributed in one area to treat one or two wrinkles, it can be redistributed throughout many different skin cells. So, you can choose to have larger or smaller sections of skin treated, depending on your needs.


Dermaroller Provides Access Points for Medicated Lotions to Penetrate
As an equally important side benefit, the invisible holes that Dermaroller treatments can create in your skin also act as access points for medicated lotions that can further strengthen each skin cell. When you apply a medicated lotion to your outer layer of skin it can take a lot of time to penetrate down to the lower layers. But with access holes it can be much more effective.


Is Dermaroller Right for Treating Your Skin?
Even though Dermaroller offers all of those skin benefits, that doesn’t make it perfect. The treatments can be uncomfortable, and they aren’t without some degree of infection risk. Whether or not they are right for you also depends on things like your budget and your expectations. If you’re looking for an immediate fix for your skin concerns, you are likely to be disappointed. After all, it can take days to weeks for skin to fully heal and look better after treatment. But, assuming that you have the budget and the patience, they might just provide the skin benefits you need.

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